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Three years passed, and everything turned into the yellow picture. Miss the playground, miss the classroom, more miss you! My teacher! Happy Teacher's Day!


I am not your best student, but you are my most reverent teacher. On your holiday, your students wish you to be young forever!


When your hair becomes white, you have students all over the world. Dear teacher, it's hard to say to you!


Happy singing, always haunting you. May the happy years be with you forever. I wish you a happy holiday!


Let the sunshine send us good anticipation, let the breeze send our deep blessing, let the white clouds and the blue sky forever decorate your hungry life, may your life be full of happiness.


Your knowledge let us admire, your for people to convince us, your festival let us celebrate together! Happy holiday, teacher!


You have made countless beauty with your youth, and you write a great chapter with no regrets. You taught me to grow, you make me forget all my life. Dear teacher, I wish you happiness and well-being.


I do not dare to look for words, because the two words of the teacher are the most noble words in the world.


Success comes from your cultivation, excellent from your cultivation. At the same time for today's cheers, we will always remember your original teachings and proverbs.


You are not only a qualified teacher, but also a good friend. Thank you for everything you have done.


There are horses, and maxima. Thank you, my teacher. Happy Teacher's Day!


Of course you speak, is so rich and colorful, your every word is like a tree to be moist, we are in your moist, towering trees.


The rain and dew will moisten the earth, so that we can get a bumper harvest. When the flowers and plants are bathed in the sunshine, they will become more beautiful. And I will become a tree person in your selfless teachings. I wish you a happy Teacher's day.


When the stars are hidden in the distant sky, the light still shines in front of your window. Because of your persistence, we have a bright tomorrow! Thank you, teacher!


Teacher, you inspire me to truly understand the benefits of nature. From then on, I read every green leaf, every color cloud, every wave. Thank you, happy holiday!


On this special day, I would like to give you an everlasting feeling of gratitude. Thanks to you, you can't express it in language. Happy Teacher's Day!


In the future, whether I become a big tree or a low shrub, I will bless you with the green life of my life, my teacher!


You are a wonderful beach, overlooking the world as I picked up the beautiful shells. I wish you a happy Teacher's Day!


You use the sun and rain, bring me happy growth; you with vast knowledge, leading me happy voyage; you make painstaking efforts, hold my colorful dream. I wish you a happy Teacher's day.


The beloved teacher is not only remembering you today, but in particular miss you today.


Teacher you are the most memorable person in my life, because of you, let my life have fun, have a turning point in your life, thank you.


The blessing is really mind, not a thousand words, no words, silently singing song, happy Teachers' day!


Dear teacher, although I do not often go to see you, but every time I think of you, my heart will pass a glimmer of warmth. I wish you a happy day!


Can express gratitude to you for your blessings of thousands and thousands of words, hundreds of thousands of years will not change? Teacher, I wish you all the best.


The sweet bell, the beautiful flowers are limited by the time, only my blessing forever forever bless you to my wisdom spring teacher.


A text message, there are so many concerns, only because it bears a strong blessing: dear teacher, you are hard.


Although I am not your best student, but you are my best teacher, I wish you everything, every day a good mood. Happy Teacher's Day!


Every time, success, happiness, I most want to share with the person I love, is my beloved teacher! Wish all the teachers in the world happy and happy!


The teacher, if I can fly in the sky, that you gave me wings; if I hit the wave of warriors, it is the ride you gave me strength!


I'd like to say a happy holiday to you by phone. But you teach me a picture to learn to write, so here I want to say to you with a short message: Happy Teacher's Day!


You gave me the true meaning of life such as gold, after years of washing, long but more bright! Happy Teacher's Day!


No matter how busy the work is, as long as I remember I always look at you in the distance and bless you.


The teacher is a zither, elegant melody makes me feel comfortable; the teacher is a cup of Longjing tea fragrance makes me refreshed. Teacher, happy Teacher's Day! Happy and happy life!


Your voice always sounded in my ears; your teachings, always in my heart. I wish you a happy Teacher's Day!


Give a teacher: an engineer of the soul? A hard gardener? You all shake your head silently, you say you are just a winding stream. So I'm naturally a happy little fish in your arms.


In this special day, I wish to have a good heart and have a good mood every day. My friend, my teacher, I wish you a happy holiday!


Teachers and students love hardly as enduring as the universe, add, subtract, multiply and divide the point, body again finished? Happy Teacher's Day!


The names on wood boards may not be immortal. The names carved on stone may not last forever. But the names that are carved in our hearts will really remain forever. Happy Teacher's Day!


You are kindling and ignite the fire of your students. You are a stone stairway, and have been climbing up and down step by step. You are a candle, burning yourself to illuminate others.


The title of the sun is selfless; the gardener, the noble title; the fireworks, the beautiful title; the sweat and the laborious title; teacher, I wish you all the best in the peach and plum, happy Teacher's day.


Your hair is white, teacher. The breeze can only blow your hair, your hair moon kiyoteru. Make you young forever! Wish you health forever!

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